Today I will tell a little bit about my decision for editing.

I know that everyone spend a lot of time for editing and looking for own personal style.

I had the same experience. I used Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture one, changed different setting and filters.

Also I tried to shoot in Jpeg. It was horrible. Probably this situation is similar for everyone photographer.

Few weeks before I found Sleeklens presses. It was really interested for me, because I felt that I need more free time and want to save it from editing. This filters you can download normally for Lightroom and use it for different situations. Here is one important moment – magic happens just if you have good exposure photography and your color balance is good. Otherwise nothing can’t help you.))

I have found few really good presets for me. Also you can modified it, because it is very flexible.

Also you have some pack of brushes. I used few of them for make skin brighten and soften. If you see examples, I spent about a minute for each of photos. Here is my before and after with name of presents. Everything from you can download  and try from official page.

Forever Thine | 11-Wedding Black&White – Clean

Forever Thine | 0-All In One – Best Man

Forever Thine | 0-All In One – Wedding Toasts

Forever Thine | 0-All In One – Best Man

Forever Thine | 11-Wedding Black&White – World

Forever Thine | 0-All In One – At The Chapel