Hi. I will show my very photography process for BearPaw shoot.

Basically, I began with idea and moodboard.  A product is very comfortable and warm shoes. Inside sheep’s wool. I took as a basic feeling of warmness and cosiness. In such a way, I got thought about the cosy evening in front of the fireplace with the blanket.

Colour should be in warm-brown tones and light from the fireplace.

It’s very difficult to find the fireplace in Dubai, that’s why I decided to add that detail in postproduction.

On the behind the scenes photos you can see my light setup for product photography. On a backlight, I added orange gel filter. In the front flash with reflector and frost. Few reflector panels on sides.

BTS product photographer Dubai Professional photographer Dubai


In postproduction, I added a room with fireplace and muted light.

And here a result of it.

Product photographer Dubai