Rome polaroids


The best cities should have only the things – river, historical walking centre and huge culture. Fortunately all of these are in stunning Rome.

Everything what you see here is unbelievable beautiful. I was conquer in first day! We came to Termini railway station and rented some small room close to it.  As it supposed to be we went to find some restaurant, instead explore city. Should also say that we didn’t looking for easy ways.

We added in our map navigator some cool restaurant that have a lot feedbacks and went to find it. Very soon we found Coliseum. To tell that it is big it tells nothing, So huge Rome’s Coliseum is. We enjoy this beautiful old construction a little and move forward.

After 2 yours!!

of walking though we already found small cafe in the middle of some vegetable market. It was opposite side of city)) We had fly at 5 in the morning and finely find this cafe about 1 pm. Probably thats why our food feels like the best delicious ever.

Should notice that this market became standard of market and food that sell there. Everything was so fresh, tasty and good looking. Yummy-yummy)) I would like to stay there in take photo of all this food.

Few days after we enjoyed city. In a beginning we walked across streets and after trolled blissful on the streets.

If I’ll have one more chance – I’ll visit this city again. It’s really eternal city with own magic. Leave me your comments about your trip to Italy, share places.

P.S. If you still not sure about Italy, I promise it will be more wonderful trip in your life.

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