Food Photography for restaurants

Sometimes when I speak with my clients about food photography I hear interesting questions. For few of them I try to find the answer.

About daylight and flash lights.

Daylight is really nice and beautiful light source just for taken few photos, or if you are a romantic person and believe that food photography should be only with proper daylight.

I real life, actually in Dubai, we have sun from 6am and till 7pm. Very harsh and very fast-changing light source. Each photo will be with different colour temperature and exposure. Editing will never make this photos the same.

Proffecional decision – Studio Flash light. Much easier to direct light, you have the same light specification 24 hours. Offcourse – flash light perfect decision if photographer knows how to use it, otherwise, it will waste time and money.

About foodstyling.

Sometimes client expects that chef will do foodstyling. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

The difference, that chef can help with a meal on a plate, but not around it. Also, foodstylist know composition better and what details and colours work for photo.

For food photograpy we need concentrate just on one part, one angle of a meal. Instead in real life, chef makes this food good looking from a top.

About timing.

I heard that client was surprised when we spoke about the range of time for meals. I understand that from a side it looks very easy and fast, but how I know in my practice it’s not.

Here are few factors that take me time on a location.

  • I’m waiting for the kitchen. Yeah, most of the time I’m waiting for food, 5-10 minutes, depends on what is a meal.
  • Sometimes we need to remake the actual dish, some detail doesn’t work, or it does not look fresh. (Salad, Ice-cream, soup)
  • Foodstyling takes time!
  • Changing camera position from above/ from a side.
  • Changing lighting setup.

Here are the main key reasons why it takes longer than 5 minutes. In general changing food styling, lighting, camera position takes a lot. That’s why shooting with the same setup can take 10 minutes per meal. Or up to 60 minutes for individual lighting, foodstyling setup.

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