Brief, why you need it?

Corporate shoot for companies can be different. Easy business portraits for one hour or creating marketing content for 2 days of the warehouse. Brief is the most important technical document between commercial photographer and client. It helps understand what is goals, timing, details, point of view, references, and the number of final images. It makes work much much easier when you understand what client wants and with brief all team can read client’s idea.

Commercial Photography Dubai

For example, I have a shoot of a warehouse in Dubai. Here I show just main idea of a brief: -Interior shot. Show reception, main office and chambers. -Business portraits of stuff, group shot of founders. -Show working process in the warehouse, packaging. -Branding of an exterior. -Cars photography with showing logo. After discussing with client each position, I can imagine my workflow. I understand how much time do I need, what kind of equipment, assistant, and etc. In my case, I booked tilt-shift lens for interior photography. Business Photography DubaiInterior Photography Dubai When with brief everything clear, we can talk with clients about the quotation. Of course, sometimes, client’s budget is lower. We can discuss and remove something from brief, to fit shoot in clients budget. Business Photography DubaiInterior Photography Dubai

My setup is ready for a business group photography.

Business Photography Dubai

Behind the scene of my working process.

Interior Photography Dubai

Exterior photoshoot of a warehouse.

This shoot I did with the Studio Dubai.

Cars setup it’s not so easy, but possible.

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