VW car photography in Dubai Desert

Professional car photography

I had booked from the production company for car photography for next month. The client was Volkswagen and it was a commercial video for new Golf GT model launching in Mena region. For me, this job was quite interesting to work with big production it the same time while I’m taken photos. I got a brief with clients expectations and ideas for that shoot. We had a meeting and decide that key shot for that car will be the Arab guy standing in the same line as a car.The guy will hold falkon on a hand.  The idea was quite clear.

Professional car photography

We were shooting in May, already super hot time in Dubai. We found that falcon can stay outside in this how weather. That’s why we kept a bird in a car with AC for all day and was waiting for sunset when heat will go down.

During that time all production team worked on creating footages.

Professional car photography
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About 5 pm we began to shoot that falcon and a car. Here is result photo that client used for commercials and social media.