Nissan Juke Studio photography

Hi! Today I will tell you about my experience of a car shooting. My model was Nissan Juke 2016 year. I was interested to shoot it in the studio with plenty white background and to try new light scheme.

My luck that I worked in special studio for car photography with cyclorama and flexible ceiling. Actually this kind of moving surface helps you avoid unnecessary reflections and change your fill light.

I booked a full day for this photoshoot but hoped that it should be enough few hours to finish everything. I was light-headed. It took me only 3 hours to create first light setup. My real challenges began with avoiding reflection from sides of a body and glass. Here I understood why car shooting is most technically difficult kind of photography.

After that, I began to do details. Here I show backstage of the car shoot. I used just one strip box for that.

Think my article was useful for you. Leave a comments and questions.

P.S. Need also notices that the car should be new and clean.


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