1. Receive an email from a client saying they want to hire me for a job. I’m checking my calendar and telling them free dates for a shoot. After client send me a brief what they need. We discuss location, logistic, angles. If everything ok client confirming a shoot and I book a day for that project.
  2. On location, I use Sony A7riii with a really high-resolution sensor. It gives me chance to get high res raws.
  3. I’m going through the brief again with a client. Checking all important details that I need to show. I take photos of a car from different prospectives (front, rear, front 3/4, rear 3/4, 7/8, profile, details, wider interiors, anything specific about the car etc – these are usually ‘must haves’ of car shoots)
  4. Also, client sees all images on a back of a camera or on a laptop.
  5. After shoot, I copy all raws on 2 different hard drives. For selection I use Lightroom. Also here I’m doing the basic color correction. It’s normal if I have 500-1000 photos after a shoot. With tiny differences in angles, wides of lenses, or hight position of a camera.
  6. All good images with the color correction I’m exporting to Pixieset gallery. And send this link to the client.
  7. On web gallery client can see photos, mark which photo he likes. I see this selection as well and can begin for proper retouching.
  8. I’m working with pro retoucher that creating a really nice result for me. I like work with professionals, and my clients like result what they get.
  9. Finally, once I’ve to get retouched photos I back up it again on hard drives and wetransfer result to the client. Normally it high res for print and low res for web and social media.