Best location to shoot a car in Dubai

If you start an automotive photography career or if it’s your hobby probably think what the car you need to capture. After few samples probably you understand that car need to be clean, but most of the time it’s not enough to get a great image.

The great image creating only with a story. This is that car is an object that does not tell anything. We need to add location, light, color, models to create attitude, mood. Where a car is located probably works the best. If you will check the works of other photographers, you will notice that particular location creates a context. And we suppose to understand manufacturers needs, customers particular models, the audience to show the car in the right way.

In this article, I’ll focus only on location. How it works for me and other commercial photographers.

I will share a few best locations in Dubai that you can use to capture your car for selling or commercial:

Location to shoot a car in Dubai
Meydan Bridge Dubai
Location to shoot a car in Dubai
Dubai design district
Location to shoot a car in Dubai
Palm Jumeirah Dubai
Location to shoot a car in Dubai
Walking bridge in Business bay chanal
Location to shoot a car in Dubai
Dead end desert road. Photo by Nick Hannes

Need to notice that for commercial photography in Dubai you need to sort out the location permission. Without permission, you can shot only outside the city in a desert. My car portfolio you can check by the link below.

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