5 tips before if you need event photographer

Brief your photographer. Everything about the schedule, changes, important people, speakers. Again, brief your photographer before the actual event. The best if the client sends brief few days before
Event Photographer Dubai
Light for a photographer is super important. Of course, I’m using flash. But I think you’ll agree that flash kills all ambient moody light. That’s why I use flash as minimum as possible to create the atmosphere of the event.
Event photographer Dubai
Photozone – Mediawall. Best option to create that place with additional tungsten light. Faces will look better and all your guests will take good photos by phone. If you don’t have light – ask photographer bring additional flash on a stand.
Freelance event photographer
Freelance event photographer in Dubai
Press images. Super important thing! Ask photographer do your press images straight after the event. 15 images is not a problem. Normally, I have the laptop with me and need 30 minutes to transfer edited press images to client.
Freelance event photographer
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