Ramadan is the biggest fasting and holiest month for Islamic culture. During this month, social media practitioners ramp up their marketing efforts targeted at the Middle East, South Asia, Eurasia and other regions with significant Muslim populations. Here I collect the best ideas that help you in marketing during Ramadan and promote your business using photography.

1 . Moon

The best instrument for indicating Ramadan are symbols. The crescent moon is one of the most significant because it is not only a historical symbol of Islam, it also commemorates the beginning of every month on the Islamic lunar calendar.

2 . Display food and Arabian teapots.

Photography of a food like always bet method to grab people attention. Also with food, you remind about Ramadan idea of sharing. Pots, tea, coffee is a necessary detail of Arabic tradition.

3 . Dates and palm trees

Dates are the first food that is eaten when breaking the fast and have been part of the Ramadan tradition going back to the origins of the religion. Food photography it’s all you need to promote your business. Mixing different props makes much better in a promotional photography.

4 . Lantern

Lanterns are commonly strung up in many Muslim countries. The best example in Dubai can be As Seef with many lanterns on the streets. Believe me, it looks gorgeous on photos. Though the lantern isn’t as common as the crescent moon many marketing campaigns utilize lanterns in various ad formats to convey the spirit of Ramadan.

5 . Hashtags and slogans

Hashtags don’t work so good in 2018, but slogans are still good. Use any of classic Ramadan messages in your commercial photography.

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