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FAQ for Event photography

1. Why should I use a professional event photographer? Experienced professional event photographers have the specialized skills and equipment required for this very demanding fast-moving industry. Actually, equipment and skills help us create photos good quality in a daytime and on night event location. Also, image quality will be same on all received images. Actually event …

Corporate event photography

5 Tips for Event Photography

Almost 6 years I’m doing event photography. Only last year I did about 100 events in Dubai. Its big experience and I want to share some tips for my clients. Brief your photographer. Everything about the schedule, changes, important people, speakers. Again, brief your photographer before the actual event. The best if the client sends brief few …

Fashion product photography

Recently I finished one quite interesting job. And want to share here some thoughts about my working process. How I told before, idea, clients moodboard – the basics. Honestly, I don’t know any photographers or another creative how can work without this little but so important details. Remember – idea and brief FIRST. I appreciate when client coming with pictures …

Sport photographer Dubai

Business bay canal running

  More sports photographs in my portfolio.  

Product photographer Dubai

Boring catalogue product photography

About half year I worked as a jewelry photographer for the company. It was very simple catalog photography with plenty background and basic editing. I had just one problem, everything that I did was super boring and the second, that it was some cheap light flashes there and I had different color temperature each time.   Here is an example of my …

Product photographer

Behind the scenes for BearPaw shoot

Hi. I will show my very photography process for BearPaw shoot. Basically, I began with idea and moodboard.  A product is very comfortable and warm shoes. Inside sheep’s wool. I took as a basic feeling of warmness and coziness. In such way, I got thought about the cosy evening in front the fireplace with the blanket. Color should …

Food photography

Vision of food photography

A few weeks ago I found some magazine about food. It was something new for me. Donna Hay completely changes my understanding what in looking for . Before I did food photography with changes and ideas what client wants. Images were good, clean, but boring. When you take a look at this image in the menu, …

Business portrait in Dubai

Creative business portrait

I like to create an amazing corporate portrait for people. Usually, I come to clients location/office, looking for the nice background of furniture that I can use to make photo looks better. Also, I take a look at the source of light. If it possible I use day light from the window, or I bring my studio light. …

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4 days in Paris

I have read so many books, watched so many movies about Paris. All this magic. One time I dreamed about this city and how I would live there. City of Hemingway, Edgar Degas, Bresson, Monet. I thought it is the best place in the world. This summer I with Kristina did a trip in Europe. We …

Commercial photography Dubai

Advertising for goggles

I had a new model of snowboarding goggles from POC for commercial photography. Yeah, sometimes really odd stuff I have to shoot in Dubai) Idea was to show it in zero gravity. Black background shows more colours of a goggles surface. Challenge was just because this surface reflects everything around, probably more than 180 degrees. It’s actual backstage …