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FAQ for Event photography

1. Why should I use a professional event photographer? Experienced professional event photographers have the specialized skills and equipment required for this very demanding fast-moving industry. Actually, equipment and skills help us create photos good quality in a daytime and on night event location. Also, image quality will be same on all received images. Actually event …

Sport photographer Dubai

Business bay canal running

  More sports photographs in my portfolio.  

Car photographer Dubai

Ford Mustang in Marina

  Again about car photography. Yesterday I was shooting really powerful Ford Mustang. I found a location in Dubai Marina, close to SkyDive. In a beginning, I thought to use additional flashlight to show more details, but after decided that better to show original color and shape of a car in with the natural light. This Mustang has very tricky …

Business portrait in Dubai

Creative business portrait

I like to create an amazing corporate portrait for people. Usually, I come to clients location/office, looking for the nice background of furniture that I can use to make photo looks better. Also, I take a look at the source of light. If it possible I use day light from the window, or I bring my studio light. …

Commercial photography Dubai

Advertising for goggles

I had a new model of snowboarding goggles from POC for commercial photography. Yeah, sometimes really odd stuff I have to shoot in Dubai) Idea was to show it in zero gravity. Black background shows more colours of a goggles surface. Challenge was just because this surface reflects everything around, probably more than 180 degrees. It’s actual backstage …

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Commercial watch shoot

Today’s post again about my experience in advertising shoot. First time I did commercial photography of a watch. Idea was to shoot two close ups angels of the watch on a dark background. To emphasize blue color of design I used blue spot light on a back. Mainly, this shoot is kind of tabletop photography, but …

Portrait photography

Dalia portrait session

Last year I did a lot of commercial and completely forgot the time when I was doing beauty shoots. Nice reason to change the angle of looking and just focus on simplicity of emotion. Also, I mixed digital camera and a black and white film. Now I have canon film camera body and can use same lenses …

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Jumeirah Al Qasr

Here is my architectural photoshoot for Al Qasr in Dubai. I did it early morning, the best time for exterior photography. Actually, less people around and better light ever.

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Brief, why you need it?

Corporate shoot for companies can be different. Easy business portraits for one hour or creating marketing content for 2 days of the warehouse. Brief is the most important technical document between commercial photographer and client. It helps understand what is goals, timing, details, point of view, references, and the number of final images. It makes …