5 photography ideas for Ramadan

7 May 2018

Ramadan is the biggest fasting and holiest month for Islamic culture. During this month, social media practitioners ramp up their marketing efforts targeted at the Middle East, South Asia, Eurasia and other regions with significant Muslim populations. Here I collect the best ideas that help you in marketing during Ramadan and promote your business using photography. …


My work process for car photography job

26 April 2018

Receive an email from a client saying they want to hire me for a job. I’m checking my calendar and telling them free dates for a shoot. After client send me a brief what they need. We discuss location, logistic, angles. If everything ok client confirming a shoot and I book a day for that …


Georgia trip

1 April 2018

A trip to Georgia was one of the best travel in this year. We came at the end of the winter season to enjoy mountains and nature without tourists around. We were lucky and it was still a lot of snow in Gudauri. We ride on snowboards almost every day. Georgia is an amazing country, …


FAQ for Event photography

26 February 2018

1. Why should I use a professional event photographer? Experienced professional event photographers have the specialized skills and equipment required for this very demanding fast-moving industry. Actually, equipment and skills help us create photos good quality in a daytime and on night event location. Also, image quality will be same on all received images. Actually event …


5 Tips for Event Photography

14 February 2018

Almost 6 years I’m doing event photography. Only last year I did about 100 events in Dubai. Its big experience and I want to share some tips for my clients. Brief your photographer. Everything about the schedule, changes, important people, speakers. Again, brief your photographer before the actual event. The best if the client sends brief few …


Fashion product photography

23 December 2017

Recently I finished one quite interesting job. And want to share here some thoughts about my working process. How I told before, idea, clients moodboard – the basics. Honestly, I don’t know any photographers or another creative how can work without this little but so important details. Remember – idea and brief FIRST. I appreciate when client coming with pictures …


Sunrise Dirt jumping

25 October 2017

Never knows what you’ll be inspired tomorrow. Same happened to me. A few weeks ago I bought new light – Elinchrom ELB 400 for my commercial photography. I tested it on a food and portrait and everything was good. I found function that helps you freeze very fast objects. Heah! After that I can sleep, I dreamed …


On that side

22 October 2017

It’s a series about people who lived and work in Dubai. Dubai as megapolis, as the city of future. Here are resources, technologies, opportunities but no future for expats. Sooner or later everyone will go back home. My photographies – it’s cut here and now. It’s about people with different culture code and languages. What …


Rolls Royce Event

3 October 2017

Boring catalogue product photography

16 September 2017

About half year I worked as a jewelry photographer for the company. It was very simple catalog photography with plenty background and basic editing. I had just one problem, everything that I did was super boring and the second, that it was some cheap light flashes there and I had different color temperature each time.   Here is an example of my …


Ford Mustang in Marina

15 September 2017

  Again about car photography. Yesterday I was shooting really powerful Ford Mustang. I found a location in Dubai Marina, close to SkyDive. In a beginning, I thought to use additional flashlight to show more details, but after decided that better to show original color and shape of a car in with the natural light. This Mustang has very tricky …


Behind the scenes for BearPaw shoot

10 September 2017

Hi. I will show my very photography process for BearPaw shoot. Basically, I began with idea and moodboard.  A product is very comfortable and warm shoes. Inside sheep’s wool. I took as a basic feeling of warmness and coziness. In such way, I got thought about the cosy evening in front the fireplace with the blanket. Color should …